The Best Budget-Friendly Restaurants in Monroe, Louisiana

Are you looking for budget-friendly restaurants in Monroe, Louisiana? If so, you're in luck! Johnny's on Sterlington Street is a great option for those looking for a delicious meal without breaking the bank. The management and staff are top-notch, and the food is sure to please. Plus, it's conveniently located off of North 18th Street. The Fieldhouse is another great option for those seeking a budget-friendly restaurant.

It's a popular spot, but parking can be limited. Despite this, the food and service are excellent, and it's worth the drive from Texas! My retired school friends organized our back-to-school lunch there this year, and the overall satisfaction was off the charts. However, you should stay away from the one in Lakeshore. It's terrible to get to this one now at 165 in college.

I would give this place 10 stars if I could!.

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